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Email Announcer  Email Announcer 4.0.0
Email Announcer uses the Microsoft Agent character of your choice to announce incoming emails, reminders tasks, meeting requests and read receipts inside of Outlook. Email Announcer will also read any email you received or are in the process of composing. Another feature is read receipt notification. With Email Announcer you will be notified if any incoming email messages have a read receipt notification attached.

OLfolders  OLfolders 2.8.3
Outlook team work - Microsoft Outlook 97 to 2007 network solutions without or in connection with an Exchange Server. OLfolders formerly well-known as WorkGroupFolders and OutlookFolders allows the common real time access to all folders in your Outlook network without a complex network Server. Install OLfolders simply central on any Outlook Workstation in your Network and you work simultaneously "everyone with everyone" in your network.

Add Contacts  Add Contacts 1.6
Microsoft Outlook add-in. Add Contacts automatically, adds e-mail addresses to the contact folder when you reply to a message and/or send a new message. This will help you avoid losing addresses of people you correspond with. Moreover, the collected addresses can be used for mail filtering.

Print Tools for Outlook  Print Tools for Outlook 1.7.3
A Microsoft Outlook add-in for printing incoming and outgoing messages and/or attachments. Being an action for Rules it can print the messages automatically without even opening them. It prints documents from ZIP and RAR archives and allows you to specify the file types to print. The handy Print Wizard helps you to print selected items or specify the range for manual printing. Toolbar buttons allows you to print items in only two mouse clicks.
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ReplyButler  ReplyButler 1.20
How often do you write "Dear Mr. ..." and add a few sentences (that are basically always the same)? Why bother with these repetitive tasks? ReplyButler automatically that. It recognizes the name, the language and the style of the e-mail and prepare a matching answer.And if that's not enough, the software can also administrate your text modules.
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Quick Mail Sort  Quick Mail Sort
Makes sorting your Inbox in Outlook really simple. At the push of a button Quick Mail Sort sorts email in your inbox based on the contacts in your contact list. Each message is filed under a folder based on the name of the contact.
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Easy Survey  Easy Survey 1.3.3
Software for Microsoft Office, designed for survey creation and conducting. Uses the possibilities of Access for survey form creation. Upon creation, a special Outlook add-in will create an HTML email with the questionnaire. The respondent fills the received form and clicks the form button to send it back. The same Outlook add-in will process incoming messages, select the ones with the survey results and input the data to an Access table.
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OutlookReminder  OutlookReminder 1.0
Automatic appointment reminder by phone from Microsoft Outlook. A FREE Outlook addin that takes advantage the telephony capabilities of Voicent Gateway, a VoiceXML gateway software from Voicent Communications. Easy to use and fully integrated with Outlook. Appointment reminders, containing subject, location, start time, and notes, are read by computer using text to speech technology. Ideal for mobile professionals.
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GroupOutlook  GroupOutlook
GroupOutlook from Amarillo Software allows you to easily and affordably share Outlook calendars, contacts, e-mail, tasks, journals and notes without Exchange Server. Public Folders can also be created. Plus, amazing GroupCalendars, so you can see calendars side by side. 15 days trial and free support during trial.
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  e-MAN Limited Edition 1.12
e-MAN is both a contact management and a connections finder tool. It presents all the contacts existing in your mailbox and most importantly, it provides all the relationships among them. It is unique, because it allows you to find links with colleagues, business partners, clients and friends without subscribing to any site, both you and your contacts. It works autonomously!!!
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Email Audit  Email Audit 3.2
Email Audit is a reliable add-in utility for Microsoft Outlook 2000/XP/2003.Its helps to filter and cluster spam, junk, Newsletters and Bounce mails.The email audit utility comes with a host of built in spam control filters and flexible user defined filters.You can also create whitelist of email Ids for ensuring receipt of emails originating from preferred senders.Complements Outlook Rule implementations.
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LBE Find & Replace for MS Outlook  LBE Find & Replace for MS Outlook 1.0.5
Microsoft Outlook is a great program but sometimes it can be hard work. Pretty much all of Microsoft programs have the ability to search and replace text, but oddly enough, not MS Outlook. LBE Find & Replace adds this missing feature, and lets you search and replace in Outlook Contacts, Emails, Appointments, Notes and Tasks, potentially saving you hours of tedious work.
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BrandedMail  BrandedMail 1.1
The world?s first self-serve email branding system for Outlook! Use our easy wizard to create your OWN email stationery in minutes. Choose from an array of colors, borders and fonts ? add your photograph and company logo too! Your Outlook toolbar gets a Branding On/Off button to brand or de-brand any message ?on the fly.? Change your professional look anytime. Start getting compliments on your emails now! Try BrandedMail FREE for a week!
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Bayesweep  Bayesweep 1.04
The Bayesweep add-in for Outlook and Outlook Express allows for simple and effective spam control directly from your inbox. Relying on existing examples of emails already in the inbox, Bayesweep provides personalised classification of spam and non-spam emails as decided by you.
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Contacts Clinic for Microsoft Outlook  Contacts Clinic for Microsoft Outlook 2.3
Update MS Outlook Contacts Automatically without manual typing,and in 3 steps, saving great deal of time and manual effort. Users can extract emails from Internet Explorer (IE) webpages and add to Outlook Contacts, Extract emails from Outlook mails, Scan bounced emails and remove invalid Contacts, Remove duplice Contacts,Import Mass emails, Backup Contacts. Contacts Clinic is 100% Risk Free,because it involves no 3rd Party data handliing.
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